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Laurel Marshall and Joseph Losi (Seattle only) are experienced EFT couples counselors, facilitators and speakers. Together they create a safe space for couples to experience and share their deepest emotions with one another.

“Having both a male and female presenter created a nice complement and POV….great balance.”

“You provided insights into how and why my partner and I feel and act the way we do.”

Laurel Marshall, MA, LMFT

Laurel Marshall, MA, LMFT

EFT Therapist

Laurel is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 8 years experience and training working with couples using Emotion Focused Therapy.  Laurel has a private practice in Portland, Oregon where she works with couples to identify and heal relationship dynamics that cause them distress, deepen vulnerability, intimacy and foster a secure and sacred connection with each other.  She is delighted to be facilitating Hold Me Tight Workshops with her friend and colleague Joseph, and thoroughly enjoys spending weekends helping couples reconnect.
Joseph Losi, MA-LMFT (Seattle Only)

Joseph Losi, MA-LMFT (Seattle Only)

EFT Therapist, Hold Me Tight Seattle Facilitator Only

Joseph is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He is recognized by the International Centre for Excellense in Emotionally Focuse Therapy as a Certified EFT Therapist.  He is passionate about his work in helping couples to grow safer, more accepting and secure attachments with each other. In gentle and yet powerful ways, Joseph helps couples uncover and share their core identities. He assists them in developing meaningful and fulfilling interactions with each other that facilitate bonding and increased intimacy.

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